Start Weight
95 kilos
Current Weight
68 kilos
Weight Lost
27 kilos
10 months

It was January 2018 when I saw a photo taken at Christmas lunch and I could barely recognise myself anymore. Then I was asked to be my best friend’s maid of honour at her wedding in November. There was no way I was standing next to her on her big day looking the way I did. 

I had seen the Lite n’ Easy ads on TV so I went online to get a price guide and was so pleased with what I saw that I made an order that day. I have been enjoying Lite n’ Easy ever since.

I like that Lite n’ Easy speaks truth right down to the name. The food is light and the program is easy! It makes you feel light, the food prep is done, you take it out of the fridge or freezer and​ head to work. The produce is fresh, it’s yummy! 

I set myself a goal to shed the excess weight by the wedding. Every month I’d track my weight loss and I lost 27 kilos in just 10 months! But it’s not just the physical weight I’ve lost. I’ve lost mental weight too!

I am healthy, I have more energy and I am so much happier.

My lifestyle and general health have changed for the better. Aches and pains I once had in​ my feet, ankles and knees are gone. My body is thanking me!

Lite n’ Easy has changed my life and I feel incredible!

*Individual results may vary